LG G6 Bluetooth Passkey Not Working

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LG G6 Bluetooth Passkey Not Working

Post by ThomasGrelet on Thu 15 Mar - 14:23

I Since my G6 has come back from repair, it is now asking me for my Bluetooth passkey when I try to connect to me Soundjuice speaker. I put in the correct code, but it won’t connect. It tries connecting, then does nothing. I’m entering the correct passkey as it works on my iPad. Any reason why it it now asks for a passkey, and as to why the correct passkey won’t work?
Thanks in advance.


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Re: LG G6 Bluetooth Passkey Not Working

Post by Benjamin L on Thu 15 Mar - 14:30


You should update your phone or ask to the store where you have repaired it if they don't change something on your phone.

Benjamin L

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