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Youtube during sleep mode

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Youtube during sleep mode Empty Youtube during sleep mode

Post by Martin, le Vrai on Thu 15 Mar - 14:42

Hello all !

I'm actually using a Samsung Galaxy S6 with android, obviously

Before this day I was on my free premium pass on Deezer, so I could listen freely my music with my phone locked in my pocket.
But know I have an add every music so it's not cool when I'm running, it makes me angry a bit...

When I'm at home I don't have any problem cause I can execute youtube and put my phone on the table.
But during sports and I can't... If I put it in my pocket, my trainer click everywhere on the screen and my music is cut..

Do you know a tip or something to listen musics on youtube when my phone is locked ? Cause it's not possible now :/

Thank to all who'll take time for me !

Martin, le Vrai

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Youtube during sleep mode Empty Re: Youtube during sleep mode

Post by VictorCORU on Thu 15 Mar - 14:59

Hello Martin !

At this day there is no way you can play youtube videos with your phone locked, but you have a way to play them and run other applications. To do so you have to download FireTube.

Or you could also move on other music plateforms like spotify or soundcloud. you can listen to songs for free (with few ads for spotify).

Hope I Helped you !


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